Bone Fone

A new concept in sound technology may revolutionize the way we listen to stereo music.

Well, it obviously didn’t but that’s what the company JS&A had hoped when they created an am/fm radio that wrapped around your neck. The idea was that the vibrations of the music would pass through your vertebrae and connect with your ear bone.

The radio ran on 4 AA batteries and came in a bone shaped carrying case.

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  1. Kermit Gray
    Kermit Gray says:

    I had one of these. That’s when I discovered how overhyped anything from JS&A was. They sounded muffled, no bass, no treble, and frankly gave you a weird sensation. I used them for about a week, then tried to return them. That’s when I discovered JS&A’s customer service was a bad as their products. I eventually dismantled them to find a pair of 3″ cheapie speakers glued to thin rubber pads and some sort of integrated circuit amplifier. Really an interesting gimmick, better suited to be advertised on the back of comic books next to th ad for the Sea Monkeys.


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