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Unisonic made a variety of inexpensive electronic products in the late 80s and early 90s. Calculators, clear telephones, watches and stereo equipment. I’ve showcased a few items in my collection but what I found really bizarre doing a deeper dive today was their line of UniFoam telephones. They came in a bunch of sports and […]

Kitchen Timers

Looking for a beautiful timer to complement your kitchen? Here’s some minimalist kitchen timers that can be easily found on the market today. These draw from some of the classic hand crank designs from the past – but they have an affordable price point. Zone Denmark Zone makes a variety of simple, clean and affordable […]

Time Cubed Clock

A puzzle at first to all, it will continue to delight after you learn how to tell time with colors on this playful, original creation. Handmade in Cotati, California USA by horologist, Barry Gamble. For those who don’t know, Barry Gamble designed the Aurora Clock and Prisma Clock amongst many others. The Time Cubed clock […]

MOMA reissues the Aurora Clock

The classic mid-century clock gets an update with a broader spectrum of colors and a lower voltage LED backlight that adjusts to the brightness in the room. The original version had problems with the heat from the lamp melting the colored lens. Unfortunately, this upgrade comes with a hefty high price tag of  $699. Buy from MOMA.

Ultravox reissues Quadrifolio?

The Quadrifolio by Ultravox is a much sought after radio from the late 60s. Mario Bellini designed this classic but it appears someone is producing a cheap imitation. I’m not sure how this radio is not protected by patents but I’ve seen a couple people trying to sell these as the original on Etsy. Be warned, […]

Bone conduction is back.

It looks like a new concept in headphones is here – or is it? The idea of a headband that passed vibrations through your bones was mentioned in a previous post about the Bone Fone. It was a flop. However, design and storytelling has improved greatly since the 80s. I wonder if consumers will be […]

Mini Organ Collection

Check out Eric Schneider’s collection of vintage keyboards and electronic toys. He even published a book back in 2010 that you can purchase at Amazon. I like to stock a few of these gadgets, namely the Panasonic Do-Re-Mi, Panasonic R-1088, and the Casio VL-1. This is the first museum of lost organs, damned keyboards, childish synthesizers, dusty voice […]

Hi-Fi Posters

I think the first time I saw a collection of record players was when I opened issue 4 of Grand Royal Magazine back in 1997. It was a short lived publication by Mike D of The Beastie Boys, that only ran 6-issues . Recently, I came across these posters from hi-fi-posters.com that closely resemble the original by Geoff McFetridge. […]