Brionvega Algol 11 Television

Year: 1964

Model: Algol 11

Manufacturer: Brionvega

Designer: Marco Zanuso & Richard Sapper

Dimensions: 229 x 308 x 260 mm / 9 x 12 1/8 x 10 1/4″


Made in: Italy

Available Colors:

The Algol TV was designed in 1964 by the Italian Marco Zanuso and his German colleague Richard Sapper, who between them produced a string of enduring products for Brionvega in the 1960s using new miniaturised circuitry.

This little portable, plastic-cased TV set is shaped so that its screen tilts upwards slightly. The front of it is just the screen — no knobs, buttons or speakers or any kind of surround whatsoever. All the incidental stuff is mounted on the top or sides. A telescopic aerial sprouts from near the front, rather than the back as is more normal, while a hinged metal carrying handle is cranked to fit snugly into the bend at the top of the box.

Part of the MOMA permanent collection.