L&R Stereo Music Studio


Model: 5002

Manufacturer: Ryujin Electric Co. LTD

Designer: Unknown

Dimensions: 600mm x 600mm x mm


Made in: Japan

Available Colors:

L&R 5002 STEREO MUSIC STUDIO is extremely rare and strange Japanese Radio Cassette system
very cool SPACE AGE & RETRO FUTURE design! like UFO!
made by Ryujin electric co.,ltd in 1970s.

L&R 5002 STEREO MUSIC STUDIO was made very limited quantities those days
so i’ts very hard to find even in Japan these days
this is your first and last chance to get this bizzare gem!

L&R 5002 features stereo cassette recorder,cassette player,radio(FM,SW,AM),stereo mic input,mixer
and cool blue VU meter and tunning meter has back lights
back side connection panel has Antenna(FM,AM),Phono input,Aux input,Tape output,Speaker output
front side has Mic input(L,R),Headphones output
AC cable for AC100Vor DC12V for power.

size is approx 60cm in diameter and weigh approx 8kg.

Item is used condition and not perfectly working
due to the ages,many scratches and dirt on surface(check the last pics).
I just tested with headphones,right side cassette is not working,radio seems working but you need external antenna,
headphones output is very noisey and sometimes lost one channel’s sound
I did not check whole other functions such as speaker output etc..
so it’s sale as not working condition you need repar,use for parts or just for your collection!

More information on this item will be coming soon…